Best KPop Company to Audition 2024 for Foreigners, Girls

KPOP Company Audition 2024 – A list of Best KPOP Companies to Audition for foreigners, girls are given below. If you are Korean Pop or K-POP fan and want to participate in Audition, this list of KPOP Companies will help you choosing the best KPOP Companies for acting, singing, rapping auditions. All of these companies given below, provides opportunities for Foreigners including Indian Girls & Boys to take part in Audition.

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best kpop companies audition 2024

Top 5 KPOP Companies List to Audition for Foreigners

Sl. No.Company Name
1.YG Entertainment
2.Big Hit Entertainment
3.Jellyfish Entertainment
4.JYP Entertainment
5.Cube Entertainment

These KPOP Companies work in the KPOP, Hip Hop, R&B etc genres. The audition form is generally accepted from participants worldwide. You need to check the audition date & venue as per your category through the respective KPOP Companies official website.

YG Entertainment Audition

Name of CompanyYG Entertainment Media
CategoryMusic, Dance
Founded in1996
Founded byYang Hyun-suk
Audition LinkClick Here to Register Online & Check Schedule
yg entertainment audition 2023

YG Entertainment is renowned for creating some of the biggest K-pop artists in the world. Audition for the YG Entertainment is held online. The YG Entertainment company requires boys, girls for various acting, singing shows. Foreigners can also take part in YG Entertainment Audition through online and offline mode.

Big Hit Entertainment Audition

Name of CompanyBig Hit Entertainment
GenreDance, R&B, Hip hop
Founded in2005
Founded byBang Si-hyuk
Audition LinkClick here to Register

Big Hit is a giant when it comes to the biggest KPOP companies. It was established in the year 2005 by Bang Si-hyuk and representing most famous boy groups BTS and Tomorrow X.

Jellyfish Entertainment Audition

Name of CompanyJellyfish Entertainment
GenreK-pop, Dance, R&B, Ballad, Pop
Founded in2007
Founded byHwang Se-jun
Audition LinkRegister Online Here

JYP Entertainment Audition

Name of CompanyJYP Entertainment
GenreK-pop, R&B, EDM, Trot
Founded in1997
FounderJ. Y. Park
CEOJung Wook 
Audition LinkJYPE Audition Registration

For foreigners, most convenient place for audition is JYPe. The company accepts application from all nationalities and audition materials in English Language too.

Cube Entertainment Audition

Name of CompanyCube Entertainment
Hip Hop
Founded in2006
Founded byHong Seung-sung
Shin Jung-hwa

Some Other KPOP Companies to Audition for

There are some other KPOP Companies where Foreigners are allowed for Audition and they are:

One of South Korea’s top entertainment firms, YG Entertainment is renowned for creating some of the biggest K-pop artists in the world.

Rounds of Audition in KPOP Companies:

1st Round: Online Audition

  • Submit online audition form.
  • Wait for the response from the KPOP Companies. It may take 2 weeks to get any response if selected.

2nd Round: Private Audition:

  • Private audition is held in major cities.
  • Record your video properly.
  • Recorded video sent to South Korea for review.

3rd Round: Technical Review:

  • Decision on passing the audition and company interest.
  • You will get notification via email regarding potential contract.

4th Round: Trip to South Korea:

  • Result of selection will be notified.
  • It is a self-funded trip.
  • Company covers expenses after arrival in Korea.

Final Words

All these companies are popular in their own fields. Companies listed here are very much admired by people. If you dont get chance in audition, then keep trying. Also, try for other companies listed here.

As per our take, embrace opportunities without being selective, especially when applying to both large and mid-sized KPOP companies. Success comes from seizing every chance, regardless of personal preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best KPOP Company for Audition?

There are many KPOP companies to audition for. Among them, YG Entertainment, Big Hit entertainment are best companies for Dance, Singing Auditions.

Can I take part in KPOP companies audition as a foreigner?

Yes, some KPOP companies accept audition from foreigners.

Can I give audition for Kpop company through online?

Yes, you can register through online and then appear in the audition.

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