Bhutan Thimphu Teer Result 2023 Today Morning, Night Hit number

Bhutan Thimphu Teer Result Online Today 3rd June 2023 – Check Morning Teer & Night Teer List Online, Common Hit Number & Common Number

Bhutan Thimphu Teer is a famous Archery-based lottery game played in Bhutan. Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan where the legal lottery games are played by the interested participants. Players earn a profit on winning the game. The result for Bhutan Thimphu Teer and night Teer are available on different websites. After the Satta Matka game, a game of gambling was banned in Bhutan. But, for the kind information, the Bhutan Thimphu Teer game is not a form of gambling game and even they do not transfer any type of lottery tickets or numbers. This is an Archery betting and lottery-winning game.

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bhutan thimphu morning night teer result 2023 check today common and hit target numbers

Bhutan Thimphu Teer Today Result 3rd June 2023

Bhutan Thimphu Morning Teer Result:

RoundFirst Round (3.55 )Second Round (4.55 )
NumberTo be declaredTo be declared

Bhutan Thimphu Night Teer Result:

RoundFirst Round (7.55 )Second Round (8.55 )
NumberTo be declaredTo be declared

Bhutan Thimphu Teer Previous Result List

DateDay (1st Round)Day (2nd Round)Night (1st Round)Night (2nd Round)
2nd June 202345963176
1st June 202328391243
31st May 202341995267
30th May 202398498345
29th May 202378829805
28th May 202370005451
26th May 202364236423
25th May 202362318436
24th May 202346709821
23rd May 202388607065
21st May 202394315129
19th May 202386217975
18th May 202305124482
17th May 202340728164
16th May 202319962430
15th May 202355731796
14th May 202311974176
5th May 202384461971
4th May 202392531546
3rd May 202398265327
2nd May 202363451065
1st May 202393578101
30th April 202323715150
28th April 202339800107
27th April 202375427062
26th April 202371462590
25th April 202397033312
24th April 202394267381
23rd April 202385632127
22nd April 202323386337
20th April 202350210532
17th April 202385877609
16th April 202364071079
12th April 202371057756
11th April 202337187510
10th April 202336553655
9th April 202397984671
7th April 202398367904
6th April 202365402395
5th April 202370556810
4th April 202333262962
2nd April 202387534357
31st March 202385771978
30th March 202390075618
29th March 202379557950
28th March 202338605797
27th March 202302695503
26th March 202322048749
24th March 202339842836
23rd March 202371505178
22nd March 202322368791
21st March 202381750883
12th March 202390287283
10th March 202324431896
9th March 202352853105
8th March 202358007515
6th March 202389221187
5th March 202351440158
4th March 202373802682
2nd March 202335616305
1st March 202302441891
28th February 202359861840
27th February 202358958123
26th February 202346729502
24th February 202323281856
23rd February 202381496633
17th February 202347703091
16th February 202345237862
15th February 202332992584
14th February 202391253630
13th February 202320064941
12th February 202338300230
10th February 202312832611
9th February 202353815197
8th February 202341044831
7th February 202388072423
5th February 202316947210
4th February 202398453748
3rd February 202318618406
2nd February 202372002615
1st February 202320375802

Bhutan Thimphu Teer Target & Hit Number

Bhutan Thimphu Teer calendar is a game’s date and day Schedule for playing the game by the participants. This Bhutan Thimphu Teer Calendar shows the organized competition going to be held on different dates and days during the month. The Archery competition is organized by the club of Bhutan Thimphu Teer and night Teer participants. And all the other information related to the Bhutan Thimphu Teer results is mentioned on official websites based on previous results of the Teer. The Teer results are always evaluated based on previous results of participating clubs.  

Importance of Bhutan Thimphu Teer Previous Results

Bhutan Thimphu Teer Previous results are the old result’s complete list of Bhutan Teer that are declared regularly.  It provides important information to the players about the game. The previous 3-year results are mainly important :

  • To provide the player to determine the game’s attributes and result for that specific day. 
  • For the Complete list that includes previous results for the verification of any Teer Formula before investment on the numbers by the Teer participant.
  • To know and evaluation of The Previous Results is necessary for a Professional Teer player to win the game.
  • Bhutan Thimphu Teer Previous results have a list of all the Teer results with reliability and accuracy results. 

On the website of Bhutan Teer, the daily results are declared of overall Bhutan with the winning numbers. The Winning numbers are declared by the common number list. The common number is the Teer number calculated by the previous results of participating clubs.  The previous results also provide information related to the Teer chart, dream number, and other related information.

Bhutan Thimphu Night Teer Result

We will make an effort to update the Bhutan Teer Night Result number each and every day. Candidates will need to refresh this page many times in order to find out their results when the results are announced. Participants who will need to Join in this Game Would You Please Check the Entire Details Before Moving On to the Next Step. The table that was just mentioned will show you the Bhutan Thimphu Night Teer Result Today that correspond to your search.

Bhutan Thimphu Teer Common Number

The common numbers for the Thimphu Teer and the Night Teer in Bhutan are those numbers that are determined depending on the outcomes of the previous games. The Bhutan Thimphu Teer Common number is determined only on the basis of the historical performances of the participating counters; nevertheless, this does not ensure that the displayed common number is guaranteed 100% of the time.

How to Check Bhutan Thimphu Teer Result?

There is availability in several web portals for watching the result of the Bhutan Thimphu Teer game. The results are usually declared on the official website of the Teer result. 

There are some steps you need to follow to check out the Bhutan Thimphu Teer Results  that are as such : 

  • The participants of the game must read the overall description of the Bhutan Teer game before proceeding to the further process of entering the game.
  • There is an age limit to play the game i.e., the candidate below the age of 18 is not allowed to play this game.
  • The interested participants may visit the official website of Bhutan Thimphu Teer to get further information about the game and results.

If you have any questions on Bhutan Thimphu Teer Common Numbers & Day / Morning / Night Teer Result 2023, then comment below. For tips and hit target numbers, keep checking our website


What is the last update of Bhutan Teer Game?

Bhutan Teer game has been played today. We update the result everyday 30 Minutes after the result is declared officially.

When will the Bhutan Thimphu Teer Game result be published?

The result is published 4 times a day. First at 3.55, Second at 4.55, Third at 7.55 & Fourth at 8.55.

What is the official website to check the Bhutan Thimphu Teer Result

The official portal to check the result is Moreover, you can also check the result of Thimphu Teer Game on our website

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