Dogecoin Buy in India – Best 5 Ways

Want to know How & Where to Buy Dogecoin in India? Here we will be discussing what are the Best 5 Ways to buy DogeCoin in India. Dogecoin known as $DOGE symbol, can be bought using different crypto platforms.

There are many centralized and decentralized platforms where you can buy DogeCoin in India. We will mention here the best 5 online platforms and apps which are available for Indians to buy the Doge Cryptocurrency. Here is a detailed guide on how to buy Baby Doge Coin.

How to Buy DogeCoin Cryptocurrency in India?

Indian crypto trading platforms offer services where you can buy and sell DOGE with Indian Rupees (INR) directly. You can deposit Indian Rupees from your bank account to the inbuilt wallet of these apps and exchange DogeCoin with INR.

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Also, there are various platforms and international crypto trading exchanges where you can use P2P services and buy USDT (Tether) with INR. Thereafter, you can buy DOGE with USDT.

So, it seems there are plenty of ways to buy DogeCoin for Indian investors. But we are giving you a list of top 5 Places from where you can buy DogeCoin in India and start investing in Cryptocurrency:

1. Buy DogeCoin in India through WazirX

WazirX is one of the highest rated Indian cryptocurrency exchange where you can easily transfer Indian Rupees from your Bank Account to WazirX Wallet. The app is secure and trading charges are also low.

To Buy Doge from WazirX, you need to install the App from your mobile or open the website from your PC.

buy dogecoin with indian rupees in wazirx app from mobile android or iphone and pc

After that, add a Bank Account or UPI ID and transfer Rupees. Then go to DOGE / INR pair and place Buy order to exchange Dogecoin with Indian Rupees.

2. Binance Offers DogeCoin USDT Crypto Pair

Binance is the rated number 1 crypto exchange having highest trading volume across the globe. Trading interface of Binance is extremely good for both mobile and PC platform.

However, to buy DOGE Crypto, you need to buy USDT first with Binance P2P service.

First, go to or install their app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and Create an account with Binance.

Now, go to P2P section and buy Tether with Indian Rupees. You can choose seller and buy USDT from them using UPI or NEFT.

binance p2p buy doge with usdt crypto coin

After that, go to DOGE / USDT pair to buy Dogecoin with the USDT you bought using P2P.

3. KuCoin – where you can buy Doge Crypto in India

KuCoin is another popular international exchange to buy DogeCoin. You can buy and sell Dogecoin in India using KuCoin Mobile app or website.

You need to create a KuCoin Account and then transfer crypto or buy USDT with Indian Rupees using P2P service of the app.

Then, transfer the Tether Coin (USDT) from Funding to Trading Account and buy Doge with DOGE / USDT pair.

one of the best place to buy dogecoin in india using kucoin app

You can also buy USDC to trade with DOGE / USDC pair.

4. Coinbase DogeCoin Buying Guide

Coinbase offers variety of cryptocurrencies and Doge is one of them. However, you can not buy DogeCoin with Indian Rupees in this app directly.

First of all, you need to create a coinbase account.

Then, transfer your existing crypto (such as BTC, ETH) to the coinbase wallet and then convert it to USDT.

Finally, you will be able to exchange Doge with USDT.

5. CoinDCX – Another Indian Exchange to Buy DogeCoin

CoinDCX is another Indian Crypto Exchange headquartered in Mumbai. The CoinDCX platform is very easy to use and you can easily transfer your money using UPI from your bank account.

You can also Margin Trade DogeCoin with maximum 4X leverage.

coindcx margin trading for dogecoin with indian rupees

Hope you have got a clear idea on how to Buy Sell DogeCoin in India using different platforms. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

Note: Please be aware that this is not a financial advice and we do not encourage you to invest in crypto without proper knowledge.

Final Verdict

So, which platform should you choose if you are interested to buy Doge Crypto? Well, there are a number of crypto exchanges where $Doge crypto currency can be bought and sold. We have listed here best 5 crypto exchanges for India where you can buy DOGECOIN.

You can buy crypto from any of the above exchanges. These exchanges are completely safe and secure. However, you should be aware that investment in crypto is subject to market risks and there are high fluctuation of price in the crypto market.

Frequently Asked Questions About DOGECOIN

Can I buy DogeCoin with INR from Indian Bank Account?

Yes, you can buy DOGE with INR with your Indian Bank Account, Credit Card, Debit Card.

What is the best app to buy Doge crypto?

There are several apps such as WazirX, Coinbase, Coinswitch, CoinDCX where you can buy Doge Crypto in India.

Is there any minimum amount for buying dogecoin?

No, you can start with buying Doge as low as Rs 100.

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