“Cannot Estimate Gas Error” on PancakeSwap – FIXED!!! {May 2023}

Coming Across “Cannot Estimate Gas” on PancakeSwap? Well, many Crypto Lovers find it difficult when these type of problem arises during swapping of New Coins. These kind of issues are mostly faced while buying or selling new cryptocurrencies on PancakeSwap with connecting Trust Wallet or Metamask Wallet. Today, we will discuss why the error message “the transaction cannot succeed due to error cannot estimate gas” is displayed on pancakeswap and what are the solutions to overcome the error.

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“Cannot Estimate Gas Fees” – Where does this error come from?

The error message can be shown by Pancakeswap in multiple ways, such as –

(i) “Transaction may fail or may require manual gas limit”

(ii) “Error cannot estimate gas

(iii) “Cannot Estimate Fees”

(iv) “the transaction cannot succeed due to error can’t estimate gas“.

Here is a pictorial view of the error which is being displayed on PancakeSwap on PC. If you are using your Android or iOS devices, same error can be seen.

how to fix The error transaction cannot succeed due to error: cannot estimate gas on Pancakeswap on ios apple iphone and android

How to Solve “The transaction cannot succeed due to error: cannot estimate gas” on Pancakeswap?

Step 1: To fix the Gas Fee Estimate Error in Pancakeswap, first open your PancakeSwap from Trustwallet DAPP or any other supported browser / apps and connect your wallet.

Step 2: After connecting your wallet, click on Trade > Exchange.

the transaction cannot succeed due to error cannot estimate gas error solution

Step 3: Now, choose your desired coin pair which you want to swap.

Step 4: After that, click on the Settings menu icon.

Step 5: Enter 12 in the Slippage tolerance area. If your transaction fails, then you will have to enter 18%. But, first try with 12%.

Step 6: Then, close the window and click on Swap as shown in the image below.

pancake swap error Transaction may fail or may require manual gas limit

By increasing this slippage tolerance to 12%, you will not face the Gas Price Error on pancakeswap. If you face same error even if by changing the slippage tolerance to 12%, then you may need to increase it to 18%.

How to Solve Error “Transaction may fail or may require manual gas limit” on iOS / Android?

If you are using any DAPP in Android or iOS, then you need to open the PancakeSwap.finance V2 website on that app. After that, change your slippage tolerance to 12% or 18% depending on the crypto you are swapping.

For Trust wallet users on iOS and Android, there is a separate DAPP option where you can directly visit the PancakeSwap DEX without switching or minimizing the app. From the app itself, you will be able to connect your wallet to pancakeswap. Change the slippage tolerance on that app. Now, try to swap the currency.

Hope this article has helped you to fix the error. For any doubts, please comment below.


Why the transaction fail message appears for manual gas limit?

The Transaction fail message appears if you have set your slippage tolerance is too low.

Is my crypto safe if the warning shows in pancakeswap?

Yes, your crypto will be completely safe despite of the error warning.

What should be my slippage tolerance to avoid the Cannot Estimate gas error warning?

That depends on the crypto you are exchanging. Most of the times, 12% slippage tolerance works.

Does this method still works in May 2023?

Yes, we have got feedback from several users that the same method resolves the PancakeSwap Gas Estimate error in May 2023.

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