Coca Cola Distributorship – Apply for Dealership, Profit, Cost

Coca Cola Distributorship Business in India 2024: Coca-Cola India Pvt. Ltd. (CCIPL), the concentrate manufacturing entity, and 15 authorized bottlers of The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) seem to be accountable for the manufacture of ready-to-drink, non-alcoholic beverages under TCCC Trademarks, as well as their distribution and sale in India.

The system also has the India branch office of Coca-Cola India Inc., which helps with business development in India. Now the company is looking for dealers to expand their business in every part of the country. Those who are interested to have dealership contact with the company executive or visit the official site of the company

Eligibility Criteria for Coco-Cola Dealership

Following criteria are must for getting into Coca Cola Distributorship Business:

  • The person should be a citizen of India.
  • The age of the applicant should be more than 21 years old.
  • Must have all required documents with them.
  • Should have experience in related business

Investment for Coco-Cola Distributorship

For investing in a Coca-Cola dealership, the interested must have an arrangement of at least 35-40 lakhs rupees. The person has to deposit Rs 5 lacs as a security deposit to the company. For starting up a business you need to keep a stock of Rs 15 lacs. It also depends on how much you are investing and decides to keep stock. For infrastructure, you also need Rs. 1 lac.

If you have taken a shop or godown on the lease you have to pay the lease every month also included in your investment. For delivering the product vehicles are required that will cost Rs 10 lacs. Besides that working capital is required to pay electric bills, wages, maintenance, and others that will cost around 5-10 lacs rupees for Coca Cola Distributorship or Dealership Business.

Coca Cola Dealership Business Profit Margin

The applicant will earn more if they can sell more products. The profit margin of Coca Cola Distributorship Business will increase as their selling will increase. For getting detail about the profit margin per product contact the company executive. They will inform you deal about the profit margin the company gives.

Space requirement for Coco-cola Distributorship

The space required depends on the stock holding capacity and investment of the distributor. If the distributor stocks a bulk quantity of product they required more space to store. The distributor requires to have at least 1000 sqft to 1200 sqft area. There should be proper space for loading, unloading, and storing the product. For the shop, there should be an arrangement of 200 Sq ft. to 300 Sq ft. and for the godown, they must have 800 sqft. To 1000 sqft.

Procedure to get Coco-Cola Distributorship

Those who want to have a Coco-Coal distributorship must check that there is no other distributor of Coco-Cola within the area of 4-5 Km. The procedure is as follows:

  • Step 1: At first, visit the official site of the Coca-Cola company.
  • Step 2: in the home page, you will see the all contact details.
  • Step 3: contact the company for applying Coco-Cola distributorship.
  • Step 4: if you’re the company like your proposal they will contact you.
  • Step 5: the company representative will come to your place for a survey of the area.
  • Step 6: the company will agree with you if all things are according to their need.
  • Step 7: the company representative will help you to start your shop.

Contact Information & Links

Phone No1-800-438-2653
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