Insufficient Output Amount Error – Solved! (New Method 2023)

Many of you may be facing “Insufficient Output Amount” Error in Pancakeswap or Uniswap. Today we will be going to discuss the solution for the error. Insufficient Output Amount errors may occur due to a number of reasons.

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So, if you have faced this issue and you are trying to get rid of the problem, we have a solution for you. Try the given methods below and you will solve your “PancakeSwap Insufficient_Output_Amount” error yourself without loosing much time.

Here we have provided the best way to Solve the Output Amount Error on Trust Wallet in 2023.

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insufficient output amount error problem solved New Method fixed

What is “Insufficient Output Amount” Error?

In crypto world, the output amount insufficient is faced in many platform like Uniswap, Pancakeswap etc. During buying and selling coins, crypto traders face this issue. While this problem is not serious, but traders hate this problem and find a solution for Fixing this Insufficient output amount problem. There may be a lots of similar types of error but the errors generic category may be same and these common errors are –

  • Insufficient output amount uniswap,
  • pancakeswap insufficient output amount,
  • pancakerouter insufficient_output_amount,
  • insufficient_output_amount bonfire,
  • pancake router insufficient_output_amount. this is probably an issue with
  • execution reverted pancake router
  • status fail with error ‘pancakerouter insufficient_output_amount
  • ailed with error ‘pancake router insufficient_output_amount,
  • succeed due to error pancakerouter insufficient_output_amount,
  • transaction error,
  • Trust Wallet insufficient output amount.

Not Only in different platforms like uniswap & pancakeswap, users also find it difficult while buying & selling cryptocurrency tokens such as –

  1. Safemoon,
  2. babydoge (Read Here How to buy BabyDoge Coin).
  3. nftart,
  4. elongate,
  5. bonfire,
  6. bnb,
  7. eclipse.

How to Solve Insufficient Output Amount Error on Pancakeswap?

So, enough discussion on errors, now we will be finding the solution and jump in to our TrustWallet App. Here, we will try to buy Safemoon from TrustWallet through PancakeSwap by swapping our Binance Smart Chain (BNB).

Step 1: Go to Pancakeswap through your TrustWallet and Select the From & To Account.

Choose From as BNB (or as you like) and To as SAFEMOON (or as you like). If you dont have TrustWallet, then you can download Trustwallet and Transfer money by through Signing on to Binance.

pancake swap insufficient output amount solve

Step 2: Tap on the Liquidity Settings Icon as shown below to set the Slippage Tolerance.

Step 3: Now, set the Slippage Tolerance as 12.

set the slippage amount

Step 4: After that, close the menu by clicking the Close “X” option and tap on “Confirm Swap“.

Step 5: Finally click on the “Approve” button to confirm the transaction.

So, this is how the Insufficient Output Amount Error in PancakeSwap can be resolved by Setting the Slippage Amount.

Please Note: If this does not solve your problem, you can try increasing the Slippage Amount from 12% to 15%, 18% or even 20%.

How to Solve Insufficient Output Amount in Uniswap

Same kind of problem may arrive in Uniswap. Here is a report of the failed transaction as appeared in the Etherscan website –

insufficient output amount error warning on uniswap

Through the same way as described in the Pancakeswap, you can fix the Error Warning of Insufficient_Output_Amount in Uniswap by increasing the slippage amount.

Other Solutions

Is the above solution is not working for you, then you can try the following –

1. Re-install the Trustwallet or Metamask Wallet. If there is any problem with your Trust Wallet or Metamask app, then this type of problem may occur.

2. Re-Connect your Trustwallet or Metamask wallet with Pancakeswap. The connection that you may have established, may not working for you. So, you can try reconnecting your Wallet using walletconnect or any other App.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Insufficient Output Amount Error Comes?

Due to improper Slippage Amount Settings, the error comes in Pancakeswap.

What is the solution to do away with the Insufficient output Error?

You must adjust your Slippage Tolerance during Swapping of the error.

On which crypto does the problem occurs?

It can occur in many crypto coins which are not yet widely used.

How much time does it required to solve the Output error warning?

2-5 minutes will be required to resolve the error.

Does this method solve error in Trust Wallet?

Yes, this method solves problem in Trust Wallet and PancakeSwap.

Try these solutions, if they are not working for you, then comment below with screenshot. We will help you recovering the problem. For more crypto related articles, keep checking our website.

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