KUHS Results 2023 {Out} Nursing, BDS, Pharmacy, MBBS

Kerala University of Health Science (KUHS) First Year, Second Year, Third Year Sem Exam Result 2023 – Check KUHS Results online for BDS, B.Sc Nursing, Pharmacy, MBBS Courses Semester Examinations. Students who have appeared in various courses regular / supplementary exams, will be able to check their results online on the official website www.kuhs.ac.in/results.htm. As soon as the result is published, we update the direct link where you can check marks obtained in the exam.

Also Check Here – KUHS Exam Time Table 2023.

UPDATE: B.Sc Nursing Exam result has been published now on 13th June 2023 – Click Here to Check Result.

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Kerala University of Health Sciences Result 2023 Links [Updated]

KUHS Exam ResultsRelease DateLinks
Retotal Result Second Year BPT Supplementary Examinations , July 2023 21/09/2023Click Here
Revised Result of Joseph Kurian of Medical PG Degree MD/MS Ophthalmology Examinations,May 2022 19/09/2023Click Here
Eighth Semester B.Pharm Degree Regular/Supplementary Examinations, July 2023 16/09/2023Click Here
Fresh Evaluation Result of Gracemolly P G-Final Professional BAMS Degree Supplementary Examinations,November 2022 15/09/2023Click Here
Revised Result of Ajay A B of First Professional BAMS Degree (2019 Admissions) Supplementary Examinations, June 2023 14/09/2023Click Here
Medical PG Degree/Diploma Regular& Supplementary Examinations, July 202308/09/2023Click Here
Revised Result of Vignesh Mahadevan-Second Semester B Pharm Degree Supplementary Examinations February 2023 05/09/2023Click Here
Retotal Result Notification – Third year B.Sc. MLT (R/S) Examinations May 2023 02/09/2023Click Here
Moderation change of Anagha Vinod-Second BHMS Degree Examinations, February 26/08/2023Click Here
Withheld Release of second Semester BASLP Regular/supplementary Examinations, June 2023 26/08/2023Click Here
First Semester M Pharm Degree Supplementary Examinations (2017&2019 Scheme) July 2023 23/08/2023Click Here
First Professional BAMS Degree (2012 & 2016 scheme) Supplementary Examinations, June 2023 21/08/2023Click Here
Withheld Release of Third BAMS Part II Supplementary Examination,June 2023 17/08/2023Click Here
First Year B Pharm Degree Supplementary Examinations (2010 & 2012 Scheme) June 2023 14/08/2023Click Here
Withheld Release of Third Year BSc Nursing Regular/Supplementary Examinations, April 202310/08/2023 Click Here
Withheld Release of VIJAYASARATHY S-Medical Superspeciality (DM/M.Ch)Degree Regular Examinations,August 2021 07/08/2023Click Here
Withheld Release of CHRISTOPHER M T-First Year B Sc Medical Microbiology Degree Supplementary Examinations, March 2023 05/08/2023Click Here
Revised Result of Shweta P Nambiar of Second semester BPharm Regular/Supplementary Examination, February 2023 04/08/2023Click Here
Third semester B.Pharm Supplementary Examinations May 2023. 03/08/2023Click Here
Third Year B.Sc.Optometry (Supplementary) Examinations, May 2023. 01/08/2023Click Here
Fresh Valuation of AJMI S Final BDS Part I Regular/Supplementary examinations(2016 Scheme),January 2023 27/07/2023Click Here
Withheld Result of First MBBS Supplementary Examinations May 2023 26/07/2023Click Here
Fresh valuation results of Final Professional BAMS Degree Regular Examinations June 2022 25/07/2023Click Here
Third Year B Pharm Degree (Supplementary) Examinations (2010 & 2012 Scheme) May 2023 22/07/2023Click Here
Rank List- Second Year Master of Optometry (R) Examinations, January 2023 21/07/2023Click Here
First Year Pharm D Degree Supplementary Examinations, May 2023 19/07/2023Click Here
Rank List–Fourth Year B Sc Medical Biochemistry Regular Examinations (2018 Admission), January 2023 15/07/2023Click Here
First Professional BHMS Degree Regular/Supplementary ( 2015 Scheme) Examinations, May 2023 11/07/2023Click Here
Fresh Evaluation Result of RANI JOSE,Elsa Merin David,BABY HAFEEFA-First Year M Sc Nursing Regular/Supplementary Examinations, January 202311/07/2023Click Here
Revised Result of GAURI PRASANTH of Third Professional MBBS Degree Examinations March 2023 07/07/2023Click Here
Final Year MD/MS(Ayurveda) Supplementary Examinations May 2023. 04/07/2023Click Here
Fresh Evaluation Result of AISWARYA M R-First year MHA Degree Supplementary Examinations, December 202201/07/2023Click Here
Withheld Release of First Year BSc MRT Degree Regular Examinations, March 2023 01/07/2023Click Here
Fourth year Professional BPharm (Ayurveda) Regular/Supplementary Examinations, March 2023 27/06/2023Click Here
Fresh Evaluation Result of Amina R H-Ph.D Year End Examination,December 2022 24/06/2023Click Here
Retotal Result- First Year B.Sc.MLT Degree Supplementary Examinations, January 2023 23/06/2023Click Here
First Year M Sc Nursing Supplementary Examinations, May 2023 22/06/2023Click Here
Revised Result of Third MBBS Part II Supplementary Examinations,September 202221/06/2023Click Here
Revised Result of Joel Mammen of First Professional MBBS Supplementary (SAY) Examinations August 2021 20/06/2023Click Here
Medical PG Degree (MD/MS) Regular & Supplementary Examinations July 2023 -19 Jul -26 Jul 20/06/2023Click Here
Withheld Release of Second Semester BPharm Degree Regular/Supplementary Examinations,February 2023 17/06/2023Click Here
Second Year B Sc Medical Microbiology (Regular/Supplementary) Examinations, April 2023 16/06/2023Click Here
Withheld Release of AKSHAYA K T Final BHMS Degree Supplementary Examinations, February 202315/06/2023Click Here
Revised result of Blessy V Xavier , Third Professional MBBS Part II examination in March 2023 14/06/2023Click Here
MLEC Withheld release of Third Professional MBBS Degree Regular Examinations February 2023 09/06/2023Click Here
Fresh Evaluation Result of SAURAV KRISHNA C,APARNA K.S,SHRAVAN SAM Second Year BDS Regular Examinations,January 2023 06/06/2023Click Here
Third Professional BHMS Degree Regular/Supplementary Examinations, February 2023 05/06/2023Click Here
withheld release of MUHAMMED ROSHAN V P,NIGILA.P.A,APARNA SHAJI-Second Year BPT Degree Examinations, February 2023 02/06/2023Click Here
M Phil Translational Ayurveda(Part Time) Part I Regular Examinations, January 2023 02/06/2023Click Here
M Phil Psychiatric Social Work Part I Supplementary Examinations,March2023 30/05/2023Click Here
Eighth Semester BASLP Clinical Practicum Special Supplementary Examinations, March 2023 30/05/2023Click Here
Withheld Release of Rameeza Thasneem K H First Year Master of Optometry Regular Examinations,January202325/05/2023Click Here
Second Year M.Sc Nursing Degree Supplementary Examinations March 2023 23/05/2023Click Here
Third MBBS Part I Regular/Supplementary Examinations(2010 & 2019 Scheme),February 2023 22/05/2023Click Here
Retotal Result-Second Year B.Sc. Optometry Degree Regular/Supplementary Examinations February 202322/05/2023Click Here
First Year MHA (Supplementary) Examinations March 2023 19/05/2023Click Here
Retotalling Result Notification – First Year B Sc Medical Microbiology Degree Examinations (2020 Admission), March 202319/05/2023Click Here
Withheld Release of MD/MS-Ayurveda Preliminary Regular Examinations,March 202317/05/2023Click Here
Final BHMS Degree Supplementary Examinations , February 2023 16/05/2023Click Here
Second Professional MBBS Degree Regular/Supplementary (2019 Scheme) Examinations, January 2023 15/05/2023Click Here
First Professional MBBS Degree Regular/Supplementary Examinations February 2023(2019 scheme) 10/05/2023Click Here
Fourth Semester M Pharm Degree Supplementary Examinations March 2023 04/05/2023Click Here
Fourth Year B.Sc MLT Degree (Regular/Supplementary) Examinations March 2023 03/05/2023Click Here
Re-totalling Result Notification – First Year BPT(Regular/Supplementary) Examinations,January 2023 02/05/2023Check Here
Withheld Release of SHAMLA ASHRAF M Phil Clinical Psychology Part I Examinations,December 2022 29/04/2023Check Here
First Professional MBBS Degree Supplementary Examinations (2010 scheme) February 2023 28/04/2023Check Here
Re-totaling Result Notification- Third Semester B Pharm Degree Regular/Supplementary Examinations October 2022 (2017 scheme) 26/04/2023Check Here
Withheld Release of YADHUKRISHNAN P,SEETHU PANICKER S K,VARSHA VINOD Final Professional BAMS Degree Supplementary Examinations,January 2022 24/04/2023Check Here
BDS (Year 2) Supple Exam Jan 2023 Withheld Result 21/04/2023Check Here
First Year Pharm D Degree Regular/Supplementary Examinations,February 2023 20/04/2023Check Here
BAMS (Final Year) Exam Jun 2022 Withheld Result 19/04/2023Check Here
Second B.Sc.Optometry (Regular/Supplementary) Examinations ,February 202317/04/2023Check Here
Final BUMS Degree Supplementary Examination January 2023 13/04/2023Check Here
B.Pharm (Year 3) Supple Exam Dec 2022 Withheld Result 13/04/2023Check Here
Withheld Release of ARJUN E P Second Year MPT Degree Regular Examinations Physiotherapy in Neurology,January 2023 12/04/2023Check Here
Revised Result of Second Professional BAMS Degree Regular/Supplementary Examinations June 202211/04/2023 Check Here
First Year B Pharm Degree Supplementary Examinations Jan 2023 04/04/2023Check Here
DM & MCH Medical Superspeciality Supple Exam Feb 2023 Result 03/04/2023Check Here
Result -Medical Superspeciality(DM/MCh) supplementary examinations, February 202301/04/2023Check Here
Fresh valuation Result of JOEL MAMMEN First Professional MBBS Degree Supplementary Examinations,February 2022 31/03/2023Check Here
Re-totalling Result Notification -Second Year Bachelor of Occupational Therapy Regular/Supplementary Examinations, Nov 2022 31/03/2023Check Here
Second year BSc Dialysis technology Supplementary examination December 2022 28/03/2023Check Here
Withheld Release of NIKHIL KRISHNAN,DEEPIKA A S Final Professional BAMS Degree Supplementary Examinations, November 2022 28/03/2023Check Here
Re-totalling Result Notification – Fourth Semester BASLP (R/S) Examinations, January 2023 25/03/2023Check Here
M.Pharm (Sem 3) Supple Exam Feb 2023 Result 24/03/2023Check Here
Withheld release of ABDUL HAKEEM K P,Medical Post Graduate Degree – MD/MS (Paediatrics) Examinations – November 2022 22/03/2023Check Here
Withheld release result of Pooja Prakash , Final Year BAMS Degree Supplementary Examinations November 2022 22/03/2023Check Here
BDS (Year 2) Reg. & Supple Exam Jan 2023 Results 20/03/2023Check Here
B.Sc Nursing (Year 2) MLEC Supple Exam Oct 2022 Result14/03/2023Check Here
BDS Final Year Part 1 Result January 202314/03/2023Check Here
BDS Final Year Part 2 Result January 202314/03/2023Check Here
MPT (Year 2) Reg. & Supple Exam Jan 2023 Results 11/03/2023Click Here
Second year Bachelor of Occupational Therapy Regular Examinations Regular Examinations , November 2022 10/03/2023Click Here
Third Year B Pharm Degree Supplementary Examinations December 2022 09/03/2023Click Here
Retotal Result Notification – Fourth Semester B Pharm Degree Supplementary Examinations November 2022 (2017 scheme) 08/03/2023Click Here
Retotal Result Notification –First Year MHA (R/S) Examinations December 202207/03/2023Click Here
Withheld Release of LEKSHMI.S First Semester B Pharm Degree Regular Examinations,September 2022 06/03/2023Click Here
Second Semester M Sc SLP (2020 Admn) Supplementary Examinations, January 2023 04/03/2023Click Here
M.Sc Nursing (Year 1) Reg. & Supple Exam Jan 2023 Results 03/03/2023Click Here
Fresh Valuation result of SREELAKSHMI P SIVAGOPALAN, First Professional MBBS Degree SAY May 2022 01/03/2023Click Here
First Year M.Sc MLT Degree Supplementary Examinations,January 2023 28/02/2023Click Here
Fourth Year BPT Degree (Regular/Supplementary) Examinations January 2023 27/02/2023Click Here
Revised result of Anjitha Muraleedharan,Second-year M.Sc. Nursing (R) examination in November 2022 27/02/2023Click Here
Withheld Release of First MHA Degree Regular Examinations,December 2022 24/02/2023Click Here
Revised result of FATHIMA SANA V. T.,First Professional MBBS Degree SAY Examinations ,May 2022 23/02/2023Click Here
B.Pharm (Sem 1) Reg. & Supple Exam 2022 Withheld Result 20/02/2023Click Here
Final Year B Pharm Degree Supplementary Examination,December 2022 17/02/2023Click Here
Withheld Release of PRIYA O FRANCIS Thid Professional BAMS Supplementary Examination, November 2020 16/02/2023Click Here
Fresh Valuation result of Aakif Basheer,Jenu S Daniel,Donny Joe Mathews of Third Professional MBBS Degree Part II Examinations March 2022 15/02/2023Click Here
Fresh Valuation result of First Professional MBBS Degree SAY May 2022 14/02/2023Click Here
Retotal Result –Third Year B.Sc MLT Supplementary Examination October 2022 13/02/2023Click Here
Withheld release of Yadhugopal K V Third Professional B.Sc Nursing Ayurveda Supplementary Examinations September 2022 13/02/2023Click Here
Withheld Release of Second Year B.Sc Nursing Degree Supplementary Examination,October 2022 10/02/2023Click Here
First year B.Sc. Nursing Degree Supplementary Examinations , November 2022 09/02/2023Click Here
Withheld Release of SOPHIA T ANTONY Fourth Year B.Sc Nursing Degree Supplementary Examination,October2022 09/02/2023Click Here
Result Notification of the PHD Entrance Examination January 2023 08/02/2023Click Here
Revised Result of MDS Part II Regular Examination(MDS Prosthodontics &Crown and Bridge),July 2022 04/02/2023Click Here
Withheld Release of Third professional BAMS Supplementary Examination November 2020 02/02/2023Click Here
Rank List – Second Year MHA(Regular/Supplementary) Examinations Nov 2022 01/02/2023Click Here
Fresh Valuation result of Second Professional MBBS Degree July 2022 31/01/2023Click Here
B.Sc NURSING- 2017 Batch- Rank Holders 28/01/2023Click Here
Withheld release of Third Professional BSMS Degree Supplementary Examinations September 2022 27/01/2023Click Here
Revised Result of PRAJINA K V Second Year B.Sc Nursing Degree Regular Examination,May 2022 25/01/2023Click Here
Retotal Result Notification –Fourth Year BSc MLT Degree Supplementary Examinations,October 2022 24/01/2023Click Here
Revised result of 193260001 ,Fourth Semester M.Sc Audiology Regular Examinations (2019 Admission) June 2022 21/01/2023Click Here
Pharm.D PB (Year 2) Supple Exam Nov 2022 Result 21/01/2023Click Here
Withheld Release of VISHNU VISWAMBARAN Second Professional MBBS Degree Supplementary Examination October 2022 17/01/2023Click Here
B.Sc Nursing Ayurveda (Prof. 4) Supple Exam 2022 Result13/01/2023Click Here
Withheld release of REVU. J,Master of Public Health Part II Regular Examinations August 2022 11/01/2023Click Here
Second Year MHA Degree Regular/Supplementary Examinations,(2017,2018,2019 &2020 Admissions) NOV 202207/01/2023Click Here
Second year Pharm D Degree (Regular/Supplementary) Examination October 2022 06/01/2023Click Here
BAMS (Prof. 1) Part 1 & 2 Supple Exam Oct 2022 Results 06/01/2023Click Here
withheld release of Gabriel Paul Wilson of Medical PG SupplementaryExaminations ,November 2022 04/01/2023Click Here
Retotal Result Notification-First Year BSc MRT Degree Supplementary Examinations, September 2022 03/01/2023Click Here

About Kerala University of Health Science

University NameKerala University of Health Science
Courses NameBSc Nursing, M.Sc Nursing, MBBS, BDS, BAMS etc.
LocationMedical college PO, Thrissur, Kerala – 680 596
Official Websitewww.kuhs.ac.in
Type of TestOffline Exam
Mode of resultOnline
Session & year of Exam2023-24
Location of UniversityKerala
Category of PostUniversity Result

KUHS is located in Kerala and one of the most popular health sciences universities all over India. There are different types of courses which are taught here in Kerala University of Health Sciences.

കേരള യൂണിവേഴ്‌സിറ്റി ഓഫ് ഹെൽത്ത് സയൻസസ് 2010-ലാണ് സ്ഥാപിതമായത്. കേരള യൂണിവേഴ്‌സിറ്റി ഓഫ് ഹെൽത്ത് സയൻസസിന് കീഴിൽ വിവിധ സ്വയംഭരണ, സ്വയംഭരണ കോളേജുകൾ ഉണ്ട്. KUHS അഫിലിയേറ്റഡ് കോളേജുകളുടെ ലിസ്റ്റ് നിങ്ങൾക്ക് ഔദ്യോഗിക വെബ്സൈറ്റിൽ കാണാം. ഈ കോളേജുകൾക്കായി KUHS നടത്തുന്ന ഡിഗ്രി, ബിരുദാനന്തര കോഴ്സുകളുടെ പരീക്ഷാ ഫലത്തിന്റെ ലിങ്ക് ഈ പോസ്റ്റിൽ നിങ്ങൾക്ക് കണ്ടെത്താം

Courses Taught under KUHS

Every year the university conducted Examination for those courses as per the predetermined schedule which is uploaded on the official portal kuhs.ac.in. Students can find their results within 1 or 2 months from the commencement of the exam date. Following Courses are taught under KUHS –

  • Dental Courses,
  • Ayurveda Courses,
  • Medicine Courses,
  • Siddha Courses,
  • Allied Health Science Courses,
  • Unani Courses,
  • Pharmacy Courses,
  • Nursing Courses,
  • M.Phil – Psychiatric Social Work,
  • Homoeopathy Courses,
  • M.Phil Clinical Epidemiology (Part Time),
  • M.Phil Clinical Psychology.

How to check kuhs.ac.in results for BSc Nursing & MBBS Exam?

To check the Kerala University of Health Sciences examination result, follow the methods –

  1. At first, you need to go to the official website www.kuhs.ac.in.
  2. Now, on the menu section, find the “Latest Results” link available on the top right side of the corner.
  3. Then, a results.html page will open as shown in the image below.
  4. After that, provided the informations – Stream, Level, Course, Scheme, Year, Examination, Reg No & Captcha.
  5. Thereafter, click on the “SHOW RESULT” button.
  6. You will see your marks obtained in the KUHS MBBS / BSc Nursing Results.
kuhs.ac.in results checking window for bsc nursing & mbbs

Data Present in the KUHS Marks sheet Online?

Following information will be present in the KUHS Results –

  1. Name of the student,
  2. Roll Number,
  3. Date of Birth,
  4. College Roll,
  5. Registration No,
  6. Marks obtained in Total
  7. Subject Wise Marks,
  8. Subject Code.

If there is any mistake in your Marksheet, then you must inform the University authority.

Information Required to Check KUHS Result

If you are checking your results online, then you should not forget some important information about yourself during the result checking method. Once you have appeared in front of the university website, you will be prompted to enter the below information which are must:

  1. Stream,
  2. Level,
  3. Course,
  4. Scheme,
  5. Year,
  6. Examination Name and
  7. Reg No.

If you have forgotten any details, check your admit card of the KUHS Exams.

KUHS B.Sc Nursing Results

One of the top courses which is studied under the Kerala University of Health Sciences Results, is Nursing Courses. There are various nursing courses like B.Sc Nursing, M.Sc Nursing etc. These courses are taught in different colleges which are affiliated under the Kerala University of Health Sciences.

KUHS B.Sc Nursing Results can not be checked college wise, however, it can be checked by using the following steps:

Step 1: Open the KUHS results page at kuhs.ac.in/results.html or Click Here.

Step 2: Now, choose the “Stream” as Nursing.

Step 3: Now, click on “UG” course from the drop down menu list.

kuhs results checking for ug & pg courses online for 2023

Step 4: After that, choose course name as “B.Sc Nursing” or “Post Basic BSc Nursing” as per the course you are studying.

Step 5: Now, select the Scheme i.e the year in which you have taken admission.

select Kuhs.ac.in nursing results to check year wise marks

Step 6: Now, select the Year among the following –

  1. First Year (1st) BSc Nursing,
  2. Second Year (2nd) B.Sc Nursing,
  3. Third Year (3rd) BSc Nursing &
  4. Fourth Year (4th) B.Sc Nursing (Final Year).

Step 7: Finally, enter your examination name & registration number.

Step 8: Now, select the “I am not a robot” option and Click on the “Show Result” button to check your KUHS BSc Nursing Results for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Final Year.

Pharmacy Results by Kerala University of Health Sciences

Kerala University of Health Science Results for Pharmacy Examination is also published frequently for all the Courses under Pharmacy Curriculum. The KUHS B Pharma Examination is conducted twice. Every year, the examination is conducted into two parts which are Even & Odd Semester. The Semester Exam Results & 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Final Year results for KUHS is announced as per the Time Table.

KUHS Retotalling Results 2023

Retotalling is done when a students is not satisfied with his / her marks. The college authority releases notification after the regular exam result is declared on the university website. Then, students apply online on the kuhs.ac.in portal for retotalling. Once the retotalling is done, the results are announced by the authority and same is also published on the university website.

Retotalling is conducted by doing a scrutiny of the answer paper. Also, answer sheets are checked and evaluated again. The evaluation is conducted based on the application of the student. A student can apply for retotalling of all subjects of specifically for some particular charges. A fee is required to be provided for retotalling.

Supplementary Results

The university conducts supplementary examinations for those who get backlog in their semester exam of different degree and diploma courses. The KUHS Supplementary Result is declared after 1-2 months of the supply exam is conducted. The result of the Semester wise supplementary exams will be published on the official website www.kuhs.ac.in.

Kerala University of Health Sciences Examination Form

Students who have been declared passed in the qualifying exams, need to fill up forms for the next semester examination. To fill up online application form, one should follow the steps given:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Now, open the Examination Menu.
  3. Finally, click on the “Semester” of the exam you want to appear.
  4. Choose your course.
  5. Fill up all your academic and personal details.

How do I get KUHS Transcripts

To get the KUHS Transcripts, you can download the transcript format from the official website www.kuhs.ac.in. You need to fill up the form and submit it online. Thus you will get your transcript uploaded in the official website.

Helpline of Kerala University of Health Sciences

In case of any query, you can reach to the University officials through the following available helpline –

Email IDhelpdesk@kuhs.ac.in
Examinations Cell phone04872 207642
Exam Cell Fax04872 206770
Academic Cell Phone Number04872 207664
Exam Cell Fax No04872 206790

Check KUHS Result with PSCWB.org.in

We help students checking KUHS Result with PSCWB.org.in. We provide the direct links to check your Semester kuhs.ac.in Result Online. It becomes very hectic to check the official websites all time to find whether KUHS has published MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, Pharmacy Results or not. So, if one visits our website www.pscwb.org.in then he / she can easily check whether KUHS Result has been published or not.

Frequently Asked Questions on KUHS Results

When will the KUHS Result be released?

The Kerala University of Health Sciences generally release the result within 1-2 months from the commencement of exam.

What are the courses for which the KUHS Results be released?

For various UG, PG Courses like B.Pharmacy, MBBA, BAMS, BHMS, BDS etc, the KUHS Results will be released.

On which website can I check my KUHS Results?

On www.kuhs.ac.in, the result of KUHS will be published.

What are the information required to put during checking of KUHS Marksheet online?

You need to put your Registration Number and details of the Semester & Course name to check your result online.

For more information related to the KUHS Result 2023, keep checking our website www.pscwb.org.in. We will update the latest information about the result and other information notice in this page.

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