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WB Traffic E-Challan Payment Online 2023 – Know how to Pay West Bengal Traffic Fine Online through GRIPS, Check Due Fines, Challan Payment Status at www.wbtrafficpolice.com.

Why Traffic Fine is levied in India?

The Government of India has passed an Act which is called ‘Rules of the road regulation’ which came to life on July 1989 and since then the act has been till this day. This Act mainly applies for all the drivers of India (two wheelers, four wheelers, buses and lorries). The main objective of this Rules is to prevent accident and to drive as per the Rules made by the Government. “Its extremely offensive and against law to break the given rules by drivers “ stated by City traffic police and Indian Motor Vehicle Act.

Traffic Fine in West Bengal

Traffic Fine can be paid online through www.wbtrafficpolice.com website. You can also check your payment status through the same website.

You can pay your pending traffic fine through Grips portal. Here is how to pay Traffic Fine through GRIPS Portal in West Bengal.

Traffic E Challan: You can now pay your fine online

If we act according to the rules and regulation of the Traffic Challan Act then there will be no any cases like Accident, Uncontrollable Traffic and Smuggling situation which is over ranking over this period like a rapid fire.  The Traffic Challan has been passed by ‘Indian Motor Vehicle Act’ where any drivers who breaks the law should pay their fine or Traffic Challan which motivates them to keep themselves tied up with a Law. 

As per the statement given by Police “humanitarian gesture” that Public has been facing some serious economic problems over the years. It is said that most of the big challan come from non other then two wheelers or car owners which most of them falls under middle class and lower class family. So government has came up with a plan to give a 70% discount for two wheelers and four wheelers driver by analysing and understanding the financial situation of owners. 

Increase of Traffic Challan

From this year 2023 New Traffic rules and Traffic challan will be implemented all over India.  Back then Government passed the rules where the Challan of only 100rs should be paid if you didn’t wear any helmets while driving, riding a bike, triple ride and where there is no seat belt while driving. According to a new Rules fine has been increased to 1000 rupees if one breaks a traffic rules. This helps the drivers to maintain a rules while driving. 

New Traffic rules complete list will be available on our website where the link is given below in this article. Some of the important information regarding ‘New Traffic rules of India 2023’ such as Traffic Challan, Fees , Rules and Regulations of traffic is available in our Official portal. 

Important Points to Note About Traffic Fine

  • Those who go against the rules of ‘Indian Motor Vehicle Act’ and those who breaks the traffic rules should pay the fine up to rupees 1 lakh.
  • Over speeding of Vehicle should pay a fees of Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 as per the rules 
  • If traffic police find any cases like Driving a vehicle by Minor, one should pay a charge of Rs 25,000 and punishment will be served to their parents who allowed them to drive. 
  • If there is any missing documents and paper work of the Vehicle, if documents is not up-to-date then their Registration pf Vehicle will be cancelled up to 25 years. 
  • Over traffic without any reason will be not acceptable 
  • Cases like Drink and Drive, Using mobile phone while driving is extremely prohibited and one should pay a high charges. 

New Traffic Rules

According to the latest information, Government of India has created a New Traffic rules which must be followed by every two wheelers, four wheelers, lorries and bus owners of India. Because of lack of knowledge and over speeding of vehicles, case like accidents and deaths is increasing everyday, which is a very important situation where some instant action should be taken immediately. The reason behind this cases is not acting according to a previous rules and regulations of traffic . So Indian Government came up with a New rules which should be followed strictly as per the government rules.

  • As per the New rules there will be no any physical verification for the Documents. Traffic police have a rights to cancel your documents and seize your Driving license on  Official site of the department. 
  • The behaviour of drivers will be strictly analysed by the police. 
  • If police examine and investigate the vehicle then the information and update will be found on Official portal 
  • The rule breakers will be given a e-challan by the police 
  • Its not compulsory for drivers to carry their hard copy of documents. The soft copy of their documents will be accepted.

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