Trust Wallet Deep Link Not Supported on iPhone, Pancakeswap Solved!

For some Trust Wallet users, “Deep Link is not Supported” warning appears while accessing DAPP browser on iPhone. Today we will discuss in detail, what does the Deep link not supported error mean and possible ways to resolve the issue.

But before coming to the solution, we will first see when does the error appear on Trust Wallet?

When Does the Error Show on Trust Wallet?

For most of the users, the error message appear during approving a swap contract on PancakeSwap in iOS. As we can see one user reached Trust Wallet Team on Twitter to fix the issue:

trust wallet deep link error on ios showing sample twitter

Some users also reported that the error is appearing during buying some particular crypto coins such as Baby Doge:

trust wallet deep linking error on iphone

Others reported that everything was all right on Trust Wallet till previous update. After App update they are facing the issue.

So, the reason of appearing of the Error message may be different for you, but this warning generally comes to most of the Trust Wallet users during Swapping coins on PancakeSwap DAPP Browser in iPhone.

Luckily android Users do not come across the situation often.

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What does the Deep Link Not Supported in Trust Wallet mean?

Deep linking is a technology used in connecting your Wallet across various Decentralized Apps platform such as Pancakeswap. The warning comes when the Trust Wallet is not able to link to the Decentralized App through the devices’ browser.

Due to a iOS recent security update, Trust Wallet has removed the DAPP Browser from iPhone App. That is one of the reasons the Deep Linking Error is appearing for most of the Apple iPhone users.

How to fix Trust Wallet Deep Linking not supported error on iPhone?

As we have now come to know the probable cause of the origin of error, we will discuss the solutions one by one:

Method 1 – Enable Trust Wallet on Safari:

As there is no inbuilt DAPP browser provided by the TrustWallet app, you can enable Safari to use Trust Wallet for accessing Decentralized App.

For this, go to Safari app on your iPhone.

Then enter the URL: “trust://browser_enable” without quote as shown in the image below:

deep linking not supported error warning resolve through safari trust wallet on browser url ios iphone apple

Next, tap on “go” on your keypad.

Method 2 – Clear Cache and Cookies:

Go to “Settings > General” on your iPhone.

Then, tap on “iPhone Storage“.

You will see a list of apps installed on your phone. Search for “Safari” from the list and tap on it.

Now, go to Website Data.

Tap on Remove All Website Data.

This will remove cookies and caches in your Safari App.

Now, you can download a fresh copy of the Trust Wallet app from App Store and try again. If the problem still persists, follow the Method 1 and try another time.

2nd method to resolve the deep linking error iphone pancakeswap april 2022

Method 3 – Reinstall Trust Wallet:

If any of the above two solutions does not solve your issue, then try to reinstall Trust Wallet app again.

For this, on the home screen, long press on Trust Wallet menu.

Tap on “Delete App > Confirm”.

Now, go to App Store and search for Trust Wallet App.

Download and install it to your iPhone Storage.


Let us know in the comments section whether these methods helped you resolving the Trust Wallet Deep Link Not Supported Error on iPhone. If you have found another way to fix the error, then do not forget to tell us your method.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to solve the Trust Wallet Deep link not supported error?

The error can be solved by various methods. You can reinstall Trust Wallet or try enabling Trust Wallet in Safari Browser.

Does the error come up in Android Device?

The Trust Wallet Deep Link error error only appears in iPhone.

How much time does it require to solve the error?

It may take 5 to 10 minutes to resolve the issue.

Thank You!

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