Dadagiri Audition 2022 Season 9 Date, Online Registration

Zee Bangla Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9 Audition 2022: Eager to go to Dadagiri Stage? Here is a chance of your lifetime to join Sourav Ganguly in Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9 stage. Audition is being conducted for Dadagiri Season 9 throughout the state of West Bengal. Due to Covid Pandemic, the Audition is being done through online mode unlike the previous year.

আপনি কি দাদাগিরি আনলিমিটেড অডিশন এ যেতে ইচ্ছুক? তাহলে আপনি আমাদের এই লেখাটি পড়ে জেনে নিন যে –

  • দাদাগিরিতে কিভাবে আপনি যেতে পারবেন?
  • কবে অডিশন দিতে হবে এবং পরবর্তী অডিশন এর তারিখ কবে ঘোষণা করা হবে?
  • কোথায় অডিশন দিতে হবে?

সৌরভ গাঙ্গুলীর সাথে দেখা করে আপনারা আপনাদের জীবনের এক অমূল্য সময়ের অভিজ্ঞতা নিয়ে নিন দাদাগীরির মঞ্চে.

dadagiri season 9 audition date 2022 check whatsapp number and mail id

About Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9

Dadagiri is one of the most popular shows in Indian Bengali Language. The show is hosted by Sourav Ganguly, former captain of Indian National Cricket Team. It is a quiz show aired on Zee Bangla. The director of Dadagiri is Subhankar Chattopadhyay.

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The show is being broadcasted since 2009. The contestants has to go through an audition. After successful audition, they are selected and represents their respective districts of WB. You can watch all the latest episodes of the show Here.

Zee Bangla Dadagiri Show : Summary

Name of the ShowDadagiri Unlimited
Current Season9
Channel NameZee Bangla
Type of ShowQuiz Game Show
Selection ProcessThrough Audition
Show running time1 Hour 30 Minutes
Year Started2009
Date of Audition for Season 9 & Season 10Ongoing through Whatsapp

Seasons in Dadagiri

So far, 8 Season has been already held and 9th Season is ongoing. Here is the list of winning districts of all the seasons:

Season NameYearWinner
Season 12009Kolkata
Season 22010-11North 24 Parganas
Season 32012Bardhaman
Season 42013-14North 24 Parganas
Season 52014-15Bardhaman
Season 62016East Midnapore
Season 72017-18North 24 Parganas
Season 82019-21Darjeeling
Season 92021-OngoinNot Announced

Dadagiri Audition Process

Dadagiri has a huge fanbase in West Bengal as well as in the neighbouring country. So, the participants need to appear in a preliminary screening process after which they are ready to participate in stage. This year for Season 9, the audition round is taking place online.

1. Dadagiri Audition through Whatsapp Number:

The Zee Bangla Dadagiri audition team has given a Whatsapp number for contacting them. If you are interested to participate in Dadagiri, you can whatsapp the following details:

  1. Your Name,
  2. Age,
  3. District,
  4. Occupation,
  5. Your Dadagiri story or something about you which brings you to Dadagiri Stage.

You can also send a video describing your details to the Whatsapp number.

Dadagiri Season 9 Audition Whatsapp Number8013604077

2. By Sending Mail

You can also send mail to the Dadagiri Officials to get a chance for the audition round. For that, write a detailed mail why you want to come in Dadagiri Show and what is your message to the people. Also, do not forget to attach your bio data and mention your achievements in the mail. After writing all the correct information, send E-mail in the following mail ID:


Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition Online Registration

To participate in Dadagiri, one may register online through the Zee Bangla Website. The link of website is provided below. Starting Date and Last Date of Online registration for Dadagiri Audition will be intimated by the Zee Bangla Officials.

Documents Required for Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9 Audition

Following documents may be required for Audition in Dadagiri:

  1. Voter ID, Aadhar Card,
  2. Age Proof,
  3. Educational Qualification Certificate,
  4. Other Certificate if any.

You may need to bring other certificate as per the Zee Bangla Officials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Audition Date for Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9?

Season 9 Audition is ongoing. You can participate in Audition by sending message to the whatsapp number or by sending e-mail to the given address.

What is the Dadagiri Audition Email Address?

The email ID for audition for Season 9 is

What is the Whatsapp Number for Audition?

The whatsapp no for Zee Bangla Dadagiri Season 9 Audition is 8013604077.

Can I register online for Dadagiri Audition?

You can not register online but you can ask for pre-registration through Whatsapp Number or by E-Mail.

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