“Sorry, you have no permission to access this service” on Binance {SOLVED}

How to Resolve “Sorry, you have no permission to access this service” on Binance ProbIem? In this post, we are going to discuss some working solutions to fix the issue which many Binancians have faced off late. This issue creates fear in the mind of users. Some users panic that their Binance Account might have been hacked!

Well, not to worry, this “Sorry, you have no permission to access this service” Error is not that much serious. Let’s see the ways to Solve the problem for both the Android & Iphone (iOs) devices:

What is the “Sorry you have no permission to access this service” Problem?

So, basically a user logs in to Binance App and find the error message pop up as shown below:

“Sorry, you have no permission to access this service” on Binance problem showing error message on apple iphone android app

When you get this problem, you will not be able to use any feature of this app. You will not be able to trade or make deposit or withdraw crypto. So, unless you solve this problem, this error message keeps showing.

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How to Solve “Sorry, you have no permission to access this service” on Binance?

There are basically 2 types of solution for this kind of problem. First Solution is to clear cache of the Binance App and Second Solution is to restart the data connection. We have given both the solution below one by one.

Solution 1:

For Android Devices

Step 1: Go to “Settings” and click on “App Management

Step 2: Then, click on “App Settings“.

Step 3: A list of installed app in you Android Device will be shown. Search Binance from that list and tap over it.

Step 4: Click on “Storage & Cache” from the Binance app settings.

Step 5: Click on the “Clear Cache” icon from the bottom right corner.

By doing so, Your Binance App cache will be deleted. Now, restart the app and see whether your problem got sorted out or not.

For Iphone (iOS) devices:

Step 1: Open the Binance App on your Iphone and click on the indicated logo as shown below:

Step 2: Then, click on “Settings“.

binance apple app you have no permission to use this service

Step 3: Now tap on “Clear Cache“. The clear cache will wipe all the data you stored. You will need to login again once you clear the cache.

Step 4: Now, confirm that you want to clear your cache by tapping on the “Yes” button.

Reopen the app in your iphone again to check “Sorry, you have no permission to access this service” on Apple Iphone IOS solve or not.

Solution 2:

The second solution is quite easy. Some users reported that the Cache Clearing method did not help solving the problem.

So, they restarted their data connection multiple times to get the issue solved.

To do this, you need to Turn Off the Wifi Connection and then turn on and connect to your preferred hotspot. If you are using your mobile data connection, then turn it off and then again turn it on. Sometimes, you may need to restart the phone.

Final Words:

Using any of these two given methods is going to work for you definitely. If there is any problem related to your Binance app, then you can consider Removing the App and reinstalling a fresh copy. Also, keep your Binance App updated. Check for the latest updated version of Binance on Google Play Store or Apple App store. If you have any questions related to the Error, then comment below.

FAQs on no permission to access Binance service

Why am I getting no permission to access this service on Binance?

There may be some issue with Internet or mobile data while using Binance for which the error message is appearing.

Can I solve the error myself?

Yes, the solving of the No permission error in Binance is very easy and can be done by any individual without technical knowledge.

Do I need to uninstall my Binance App?

No, but you may need to clear cache of the Binance Mobile / Desktop App.

Can this problem occur if I am not connected to internet?

Yes, there is a good chance of occurring of the fault in case if you are not connected to the internet.

Thank you!

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