West Bengal Solar Subsidy Policy 2023 Rooftop Installation Scheme

WB Solar Subsidy Policy 2023: West Bengal Solar Rooftop Policy & Subsidy information is provided in the article. We have given a detailed overview of Solar Subsidy Policy along with the Cost & Process of Installation of Solar Rooftop Panels, WBSEDCL’s Solar Policy & Net Metering Information. So, read the article below to grab all the information and if you have any queries related to Solar PV Installation, then comment below.

Solar System Subsidy Policy in West Bengal 2023; Summary

Name of SchemeSolar Subsidy
StateWest Bengal
Mode of SubsidyRooftop, Solar Pump
Solar PV Installation Cost1-2 Lakh
Subsidy ProcessDiscount in Bills, Net Metering etc.

West Bengal is a revolutionary in Solar system installation in India. Almost all homes must install a solar rooftop system on their building to avoid heavy bills of electricity. The solar system Subsidy policy in West Bengal is to receive 1.5% of the electricity bill consumed from Solar energy.

WBSEDCL Net Metering

Currently Net Metering Facility is available for big institutions in West Bengal where large amount of Electricity is consumed. As per WBSEDCL Website:

Institutional consumer(s) like Government and private hospitals and health centres, hospital and health centres owned and run by any private charitable organization, Government and Government aided and private academic institutions, Government offices, any housing complex already promoted for this purpose by Government or any Government agency for the development of renewable sources, municipalities, panchayats and consumers of any housing complex, commercial/industrial organizations, institution registered under any statute are eligible to apply

WBSEDCL – Reference www.wbsedcl.in

As of now, West Bengal is not allowing Net Metering Facility for Domestic customers. However, the Government is planning to launch net metering facility soon for them.

Solar Rooftop System and Subsidy scheme in West Bengal

The solar Rooftop System includes solar panels that generate electricity by grabbing the heat and energy from the sun. Solar panels are installed on the rooftop of the building to get direct energy from sunlight. This Sunray touches the solar panel and then, it starts work of getting heat and power to not only generates electricity but also work as a water heater. As It also supplies hot water when there is a connection of water installed inside the solar energy system. 

Solar Energy:

Day by day, it is difficult for the average income people to pay more and more bills of electricity. Thus, to avoid heavy bills burden from the roof of Humans, there is a need to install solar energy on the roof of the building that gets the power to supply electricity from the sun. Solar energy is much cheaper than electricity connection as it is renewable energy. As solar energy only cost during installation after which no amount or bill is incurred for using electrical energy. Also, less maintenance is required which doesn’t cost much. This solar energy can be used to serve residential, manufacturing factories, industries, institutions, and commercial purposes even.

Solar Rooftop Installation Scheme

To increase the use of Solar Rooftop systems in our Country, Government of West Bengal announced the scheme of Solar Rooftop Subsidy. In this scheme of Solar Rooftop Subsidy, the Industrial sectors, some of the commercial sectors, and Hospitals and educational institutions can lift the benefit of Solar systems at a much more reasonable price than the diesel generator or electricity total price.

Hence, Less usage of diesel generators through installing the solar system can save the environment and many resources. Also, it consumes less area than setting up on the rooftop of the building, not on the ground, road, or land area.

Solar System Installation policy in West Bengal

Solar Rooftop System installation is important in West Bengal for all big homes building of Societies. Thus, Government has availed some amount of subsidy for them for convenience and affordable charges to pay for installing a Solar rooftop system.

The installation policy of Solar systems in West Bengal is to allow subsidy on installing the solar system power plants is about 30% of the benchmark cost. But this subsidy is not allowed for the Public Sector Undertakings in West Bengal.

To apply for a Subsidy on the Installation of a Solar Rooftop System, there is an official Government website link or site to visit in which all the details related to a subsidy for different states are mentioned.

How to Apply for Solar Scheme Online?

  • Move to the official website of WBSEDCL and login with your ID on the official portal.
wb solar application form 2022 - solar subsidy policy for rooftop installation and net metering in west bengal
  • Now, go to Solar > Solar Application Form
  • Enter all the details on the application form.
  • Finally, click on the Submit button.
  • Attach all the required documents.
  • Provide Aadhar Number and Upload Correct Aadhar card.

Finally, download the application receipt.

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