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Binance Dark Mode Guide 2022: Switching on to Dark Mode is another good feature of the Binance App. If you are in Crypto Trading and you trade throughout Day & Night, it is always convenient to enable the Binance Dark Mode. The option is provided in both android mobile app and Desktop app. By default, the Binance Dark Mode may already activated in your mobile or PC. However, if it is not activated, then you can activate it through some simple steps. Here we will be providing you detailed steps on How to Enable Dark Mode in Binance Desktop PC (Windows / MAC), iOS & Android Mobile App.

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What is Binance Dark Mode?

Binance, world’s largest Exchange by trading volume, has provided the option to change your App theme as Dark or Light. In Dark mode, the background of the screen will be using lesser battery as well as it will be comfortable for your eyes. Some users prefers using Binance in Dark Mode to analyze the Charts or Graphs better. Somebody also call the dark mode as Night Mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Binance Desktop App for PC?

In this tutorial, we will be using Binance Mac Desktop App and will see how to switch on the Dark Mode. The same will be applicable to Windows Desktop Binance Software. Follow the steps closely to enable the Night Mode –

1. Open you Binance Desktop app and Sign in with your User Name & Password. If you dont have Binance account, you can Register for one here.

2. Now, click on the Setting Icon as shown below:

activating dark mode option in binance 2021 latest process

3. Now, click on the light icon beside the “Theme” option.

4. Now your Binance App will convert to the Dark Theme.

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How to Switch on Binance Dark Mode in Mobile App?

You can also change your Binance mobile app’s theme from Light to Dark. The procedure is same for Apple iOS and Android Phones.

Step 1: On mobile, go to your Binance App and click on the Profile Logo shown in the below image.

profile image location in binance app

Step 2: Now, scroll down until you find “Settings“. Tap on it.

settings option to check the Binance mode of appearance theme.

Step 3: Then, go to “Appearance“.

Step 4: Here you will find three options under appearance – a) Dark Mode, b) Light Mode & c) Use Device Settings Mode. Tap on the Dark Mode option to change your settings. If you want to use the Device Settings, you can selection option 3.

Step 5: Your Binance App will now be opened in Dark Mode. However, you can change your Appearance settings anytime.

binance dark mode or black theme or night mode function in android and iOS app will be activated

This is how we can change the Binance App Background Theme from Light Mode to Dark Mode. You always can revert back to the White Mode or the Light mode same way. Else, there is another option which chooses the Device settings. You can enable this option by clicking the Third option ie. “Use Device Settings” on the lats step shown above.

Frequently Asked Questions on Binance Dark Mode

Can I turn on Dark mode in Binance Iphone iOS App?

Yes, you can turn on the Binance Dark Mode in Apple iOS.

What are the available themes on Binance App?

Basically there are two themes in the app – Dark Theme and Light Theme.

Can I use device settings to use the Bright Light mode in the daytime and Dark Mode in the night time?

Yes, you can choose the Use Device Settings mode to activate this option.

Is it possible to change my theme appearance in Binance?

Yes, you can switch dark and light theme in Binance App & Desktop Software version.

If you have any questions regarding Binance Dark Mode Option Activation, comment below. We would love to help you resolving your issues.

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