WB Primary TET Answer Key {Final} 2022 Download Today 09/2/23

Download WB Primary TET Final Answer Key 11 December 2022 PDF {Released on 09/02/2023} – Official Solved Question Paper: The final answer key for the West Bengal Primary Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) is now available. The answer key for the WB TET 2022 Exam can be downloaded from the official website that is www.wbbpe.org. The WBBPE TET 2022 Solved Question Paper for 11/12/2022 is available in PDF format.

LATEST NEWS ON 09/02/2023: Primary TET 2022 Final Answer Key has been published. Read the official notice below:

wb primary tet final answer key 2023 download pdf

On 11th January 2023, WBBPE has published the TET Official Provisional Answer Key for TET Exam conducted on December 12, 2022.

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wb primary tet answer key 2022 download 11 december solved question paper pdf

WBBE TET Solved Question Paper 2022; Overview

Name of ExamWest Bengal Teacher Eligibility Test (TET)
ClassPrimary (Class I to V)
Exam Date11-12-2022
Mode of ExamWritten Test (OMR Based)
Solved Question Paper Booklet SeriesA, B, C, D
File FormatPDF
Official Final Answer Key Download Link (dated 09/02/2023)Click Here to Download
Official Model Answer Key Download Link (dated 10/01/2023)Click Here to Download
TET 2022 Booklet Series A Question PaperClick Here to Download
Official Websitewww.wbbpe.org
Environmental Science Answer KeyClick Here
Mathematics Answer KeyClick Here
English Answer KeyClick Here
Bengali Answer KeyClick Here
Child Development & Pedagogy Answer KeyClick Here

Download WB TET 2022 Question Paper held on 11/12/2022

Language of the PaperBengali & English
Number of Pages19
Number of Questions150
File Size14.5 MB
Exam Date11 December 2022
File LinkDownload

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WB TET Environmental Science Answer Key 2022

QuestionsAnswer Key
QuestionsAnswer Key
QuestionsAnswer Key
primary tet answer key evs
QuestionsAnswer Key
evs answer key 144 to 150 wb tet
QuestionsAnswer Key

WB TET Pedagogy Answer Key 2022

QuestionsAnswer Key
QuestionsAnswer Key
QuestionsAnswer Key
QuestionsAnswer Key
QuestionsAnswer Key

WB TET English Answer Key 2022

1. Darius took drastic steps to ________ the rebellious part of the empire.

Answer: Calm

2. The people of Delos did not want to _______ the conquest of Greece.

Answer: Support

3. Statement (i) — Persia was autocratic Statement (ii) — Athens was democratic Choose the right option :

Answer: Statements (i) and (ii) both are true

4. The people of Delos ran away because they were

Answer: Wise

5. ‘Persia was ruled by one man.’ The underlined word in the sentence is an example of

Answer: Noun

6. Athens had ________ the other Greek city states against the Persians.

Answer: intervened on behalf of

7. The word ‘abet’ as used in the passage means—

Answer: assist

8. Which of the following options come closest to the meaning of the word ‘Ennobled’ as used in the passage is—

Answer: encouraged

9. ‘Finally, I got a glimpse of him.’ This is an example of an

Answer: assertive sentence

10. ‘Et al’ means :

Answer: and others

11. In his excursion little Rakesh was accompanied by

Answer: the narrator

12. Little Rakesh was ________ when he saw the narrator for the first time in his life.

Answer: four months old

13. The synonym of ‘denizen’ is

Answer: occupants

14. “I would carry him into the garden, and later, up the steep gravel path to the main road.” This sentence is an example of

Answer: simple past tense

15. The animal which is rare in the place mentioned in the passage is

Answer: squirrel

16. According to NCF (National Curriculum Framework) 2005, multilingualism in a language classroom should be seen as

Answer: a resource in teaching second language.

17. For teaching a grammar item a teacher begins with examples, and then with the help of examples, she/he clarifies the rules. After that she/he asks the students to provide more examples and provide clarifications. The teacher here is thus using the

Answer: Inductive method

18. Which of the following TLM is most essential for an English teacher to carry to the classroom?

Answer: Textbook

19. Which of the following is not a principle for second language teaching?

Answer: Memorisation of the rules of grammar

20. Which of the following is the principle of teaching grammar in a second language classroom?

Answer: Learners should be taught every grammatical aspect thoroughly.

21. Which of the following is not true for second language learning and acquisition in direct method?

Answer: We use mother tongue for both.

22. Sitting arrangement in a diverse second language classroom should be

Answer: flexible but planned

23. Immediate correction of errors is encouraged in

Answer: communicative approach

24. The meaning of a word in a passage depends only on

Answer: its context

25. Basic skills for language learning comprises of

Answer: listening, speaking, reading, writing.

26. Which one of the given alternatives is not true about language acquisition?

Answer: Instruction from experts is required.

27. The purpose of remedial teaching is to

Answer: teach again the language items not properly learnt

28. Listening comprehension is a/an

Answer: passive skill

29. Which of the following activity is most appropriate in developing language skills?

Answer: Reading storybooks

30. What should be emphasised in assessing second language proficiency?

Answer: Ability to use second language in different contexts

WB Primary TET Mathematics Answer Key 2022

1. Sum of all the factors of 100 is

Answer: 217

2. Which one of the following is not a characteristic of mathematics?

Answer: Uncertainty in result

3. In order to teach the concept of ‘addition of fractions’, which one of the following questions a teacher should prefer first as an example?


4. The digit, whose place value in a number, does not depend on the place is

Answer: 0

5. Let A = (666 × 123 + 1) × (66 × 456 + 2) + 1 and B = (33 × 578 + 2) × (333 × 734 + 1) + 1 then

Answer: none is prime

6. Which of the following conceptual statements should come first at the time of teaching Mathematics?

Answer: ‘Zero’ is to be taught after making learners to acquire the sense of natural numbers and binary operation ‘subtraction’.

7. “Mathematics is the mirror of civilization.”—Who said this?

Answer: Heghen

8. The sixty second decimal place in the decimal representation of

will have the digit

Answer: 4


Answer: 1224.2412

10. Which of the following does not represent the lengths of the sides of a triangle?

Answer: 2 cm, 3 cm, 7 cm


Answer: 55

12. Let p be a prime number. Given statements are
(i) p has exactly two distinct factors.
(ii) p
(iii) p must be odd.

(iv) p – 2 ≥ 0
Which one of the following is the set of true statements?

Answer: (i), (ii), (iv)

13. (0.1 – 0.01) × 0.11 × (0.01 + 0.0001) =

Answer: 0.00009999

14. Ram can finish a piece of work in 6 days doing 10 hours of work in each day. Actually, after working 3 days (10 hours a day) he starts working 6 hours a day to finish the rest portion of the job. Then the total time Ram would require to finish the job is

Answer: 8 days

15: To evaluate the length of the path described by a circular wheel by a complete rotation, we need to evaluate

Answer: the measure of the circumference of the wheel

16. Which of the following statements is incorrect for a circle?

Ans. (C) ‘The straight line segment joining the mid-points of two parallel chords of a circle always pass through the centre.’

17. If a teacher wants to share the concept of the formula

, which question among the following should be raised to evaluate the previous knowledge required for the content?


18. In order to motivate a learner to learn geometry, which one of the following is not required?

Answer: Problems arising from life

19. Which of the following symbols is unique for mathematical language?

Answer: %

20. NCF 2005, recommends that teaching of mathematics at Primary Level should focus on

Answer: Helping students in correlating the classroom and in learning with daily life NCF 2005

21. Given statements are —

(i) two angles are complement of one another if their sum is 90°.
(ii) Complement of an angle of measure 70° is an angle of measure 20°.
(iii) Complement of an angle of measure 20° is an angle of measure 70°.
(iv) Complement of an angle of measure 90° is an angle of measure 0°.
In order to share the concept of complementary angles, a teacher should prefer the order

Answer: (i), (ii), (iii), (iv)

22. What is the difference between the place values of two 7’s in 1715271?

Answer: 699930

23. 35574 is divided by n to get a perfect square number. The least value of n is

Answer: 6

24. If the sum of all the proper divisors of a natural number be equal to the number itself, then the number is said to be perfect. For example, proper factors of 6 are 1, 2 and 3. Here. 1 + 2 + 3 = 6. 6 is perfect number. Therefore, for 42 and 28, we can say

Answer: 28 is perfect but 42 is not

25. The proper sequence of the names of the three angles 220°, 180°, 75° is

Answer: reflex angle, straight angle, acute angle

26. The digit in the unit’s place in the product of first 100 prime numbers is

Answer: 0

27. Ram loses a 100 m race to Faruk by 10 m. Distance that can be covered by Faruk when Ram covers a distance of 9.9 m is

Answer: 11 m

28. ‘Draw a geometrical figure.’—the level of the question is

Answer: Skill based

29. Which one of the following is not an essential characteristic of formative evaluation of mathematics?

Answer: Time consuming

30. To share the knowledge of corresponding angles we need to consider

Answer: a pair of coplanar straight lines (may not be parallel) and a common transversal

How to Download WB TET Official Answer Key Online @ wbbpe.org?

To download the WB TET Official Answer Key, follow the steps:

  • At first, visit the official website of www.wbbpe.org.
  • Then, search for the “Notification” section on your left hand side.
  • Next, click on the WB-TET 2022 Model Answer Key (held on 11/12/2022).
  • Download and save the file.
  • After downloading open the PDF file with any PDF reader app and check for the solution as per your respective booklet series.

WB TET Final Answer Key 2022

We can expect that the final answer key of Primary TET 2022 exam will be available after 10-15 days from the date of exam. The exam calendar available in the WBBPE TET Notification did not mention about the release date of answer keys.

Although, we expect that, at first model answer key will be announced by the West Bengal Board of Primary Education within 7 days.

Later on, representation of objection against the model answer key may be accepted by the board from the candidates who appeared in the exam.

Next, the Board will release final answer keys of WB TET Exam 2022.

West Bengal Primary TET Solution

Solution of the question papers are provided by various youtube channels and coaching centers. These solutions will be available much before the official model answer key is published.

The unofficial TET 2022 Solution may not be 100% accurate, but most of them will be correct. So, if you have appeared in the TET 2022 Exam conducted on 11 December 2022, then keep checking our website for updates on TET 2022 Question Paper with solution.

TET OMR Sheet may be shown to candidates after login:

omr sheet tet 2022 exam

Important Links to Download TET Answer Key

WB TET Answer Key LinkDownload
TET 2022 Solved Question PaperDownload
TET 2022 Cut Off MarksCheck Here
PSCWB HomepageClick Here

FAQs on WB Primary TET Answer Key

Will the question paper be provided in this year Primary TET Exam?

The question paper for TET 2022 may be provided this year. In the last 2014 TET, the question papers were not given to candidates.

Will the WBBPE release official answer key?

As the Board is trying to make the recruitment process of Primary Teachers clean and transparent, they may release the official answer keys as soon as the exam is conducted.

Can I make objection against any official answer key of WB Primary TET Exam 2022?

Once the official solution is out, notification regarding the objection submission, its opening date and last date will be announced by the board if any.

Can I see my TET 2022 OMR Answer Sheet?

As of now, the OMR Sheet can not be viewed. But the WBBPE authority may enable the OMR sheet viewing window after or during the resullt release.

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