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EV Charging Station Franchise 2024: If you are thinking of starting a new business that can provide you revenue in the future, then an EV charging station can be the best option. It is not unknown that electric car demand rises day by day in the nation. Currently, in India all the prominent two-wheeler and four-wheeler manufacturers have introduced their products in India. Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business will give you a good chance. This industry is broadening day by day. If you are interested to begin a new business, you can consider this option. Go through the article to learn more details about the EV Charging station Franchise.

Electric Charging Station Franchise 2024

Name of Business IdeaElectric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Franchise
Type of BusinessFranchise Model
Best EV Charging Solution ProviderTATA Power
LocationAll India
Investment CostUpto 10 Lakh Rupees
Category of ArticleBusiness Opportunity

What is an EV Charging Station?

Before any electric charging station franchise, it is important to know what an EV electric charging station is. Electric Vehicle Charging station is a spot in which you can find charging ports. These charging ports are made so that people can charge their electric four-wheelers and two-wheelers. Changing stations have also been made to deal with high power or voltage so people can charge any electric cars.

Electric cars are completely dependent on the battery which is put inside the car. You can’t drive these cars with petrol or diesel. So when your car’s battery is low, it can be charged on the EV charging station. If your EV charging station provides fast charging, then it will boost your demand and business. Because everyone requires quick charging.

Best EV Company Franchise – TATA POWER

TATA Power is one of the largest EV Charging Solution Provider. To accommodate the growing number of electric cars on Indian roads, TATA is installing charging stations around the country. TATA Power EV Charging stations are getting installed in Metro Cities. Additional charging stations will be needed in the years ahead as the popularity of electric cars continues to rise. In light of this, anybody interested in opening a Tata Power charging station would be making a brilliant business decision by reading today’s article.

Contact TATA Power for Franchise Opportunity – Click Here.

Fill up the form and submit, you will get a call from the TATA Power Sales Manager:

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Why you should set up an electric vehicle charging station in India?

Here are the advantages of setting up an electric vehicle charging station in India: 

  • Electric cars are the future of the nation and the market for electric cars is growing quickly. If you launch an EV charging station, you will undoubtedly get advantages. 
  • In case you offer fast charging, then you can entice electric car owners to utilize your assistance. 
  • Launching a fast-charging EV charging station in the busy markets, tourist places, shopping malls, parking areas, and inside small and big enterprises is a very good choice for you.
  • Other advantages to launching a charging station for electric vehicles is that it doesn’t cost much. The investment expense also varies from business to business.

Investment Cost For EV Charging Station

For anyone who is interested to begin a new company, the first thing that springs to their mind is the investment expense in that business. The cost to launch an EV charging station business differs from corporation to corporation. In India, it may differ between 1 lakh to 10 lakh rupees.

This is a big contrast in expense. It completely relies on handling charges, power output, company standards, and setup expenses. The cost of EV Charging Station Franchise will vary company to company.

Electric Vehicle Station Setup Requirements

Launching an electric vehicle charging station requires some infrastructure which is given below:

  • Parking area is required to charge a car.
  • You can’t run your electric vehicle charging station business without local certifications. 
  • Decent civil work is a crucial aspect. 
  • You will need a connection to a renewable source in case you can’t reach the transformer. 

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